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Charlie, Garrett, Having Fun On The Beach In Hawaii

Popsugar certainly know how to give us thrills. I’ve always been a fan of the site, they never fail to give us what we want. If you’ve not been over there before, click their link for everything you could want celebrity and more Charlie. You won’t be disappointed. 

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Oscar surprises!



Oscar surprises: James Franco, Tom Hanks passed over for Best Actor nominations.


Timing is everything. Just ask James Franco, whose recent Golden Globe win for his comedic performance in “The Disaster Artist” made him a front-runner for a Best Actor Oscar nomination. Thanks, perhaps in part, to the allegations of sexual harassment that followed his Globes victory speech, Franco’s name was absent from this morning’s announcement of this year’s Academy Award nominations.

And while Daniel Day-Lewis will be up for his fourth Best Actor Oscar (for what he claims is his final film role), a few other actors giving exceptional performances were left off this year’s nominees list, including Tom Hanks (“The Post”), Robert Pattinson (“Good Time”), Charlie Hunnam (“The Lost City of Z”), Ali Fazal (“Victoria & Abdul”), “War for the Planet of the Apes” star Andy Serkis (the Actors Branch still doesn’t go for motion capture performances), and — don’t kill me here — Adam Sandler for “The Meyerowitz Stories (New and Selected).”

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You’ve Got Mail Coming!

IMG_4223We are privileged here to have direct contact with Charlie. He kindly sends us autographs from time to time. This is that time. We have given lots away already (poor charlie he’s going to get writers crap haha). So feeling generous this month, we’ve been looking around social media and have come up with a couple more well deserving fanbases.

While talking fanbases if you see a “Charlie Hunnam” across IG, Twitter, facebook, Tumblr etc then please do not be fooled into thinking it’s really Charlie. It isn’t. Charlie does not have any social media. Who are we? We are the largest fanbase on Facebook 2.5million fans, clarification of our authenticity and that charlie doesn’t have social media can be found in our video section of the Facebook page HERE Links to our Twitter, IG, Facebook etc can be found on sidebar of this site.

So back to business. Don’t forget to follow these guys too! The Two IG accounts chosen for a Charlie Hunnam autograph, individually signed by him, DNA included, ARE ………

@fuck_you_yeah_Jax_teller (already flying out to owner)




CONGRATULATIONS!! Keep up the good work. D