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  1. Hi Charlie. I wanted to extend an invitation to my wedding. I’m 59 years old and the past few years of my life. I lost my son 8 years ago, then my husband committed suicide almost 3 years ago and am recovering from having a kidney removed due to Renal Cancer. All through it, i’ve watched SOA reruns along with your movies that you’ve been in since SOA .

    After I had my kidney removed, I met the most amazing man, we came from the same home town. He graduated a year before me, I was real quiet and shy so I never was around him, I was but I wasn’t.

    Anyway, we’re getting married and nothing would honor me more that having you and Morgan’s show up. Dec 1st at 2:00, 1415 15th St N, Texas City, Texas. 77590.


  2. Hi Charlie I am sending this for my daughter she is in awe of you, I was at Joe’s Diner yesterday hoping to get a pic but had to get back to work, we saw you on the Taunton Green last night you waved to us as we went by in the Jeep…lol…I am not giving up while you are still in Taunton, I am really hoping I am able to run in to you at some point. It’s all in the timing. Good luck on the film. We cannot wait for it to come out. xoxo



  3. I am you’re biggest fan and i loved you in son’s of anarchy and you still are good looking and i would love to meet you sometime or chat with you live on video cause you are the best and so awesome in son’s of anarchy and i love you’re smile i am you’re number 1 fan in the world…… I hope we can video chat sometime or chat on facebook it would make me so very happy


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