Kim, Ryan, and Theo Exclusive Interview

The hit FX drama Sons of Anarchy is back for Season 4, with the boys of SAMCRO fresh out of jail after a 14-month stint and arriving back in Charming, California to find that their town not only has new, no-nonsense law enforcement, but a mayor who is determined to change things. While the club is faced with a decision that could challenge everything they’ve always stood for, Jax (Charlie Hunnam) is forced to start thinking about what’s best for his family.

During this recent exclusive interview with Collider, co-stars Kim Coates (“Tig”), Ryan Hurst (“Opie”) and Theo Rossi (“Juice”), who also play three of the most intriguing club members, talked about what it’s been like to collaborate on the development of their roles for four seasons now, how the strength of the acting makes the viewers want to know absolutely everything about the characters, what makes bikers so attractive and interesting to people, how they’ve loved taking the journey that show creator Kurt Sutter and the writing staff has led them on, and how the crew dedicates everything to helping make the show the #1-rated series in FX history. Check out what they had to say after the jump:

Question: How has it been for you guys to collaborate on these characters for four seasons now?

THEO ROSSI: It’s crazy. The way the show goes is that you learn a little more about each character, with every single episode and definitely every season. I felt like, right away, we learned so much about Tig (Kim Coates) and Opie (Ryan Hurst) and who they were. They got really defined. You learn a little about different guys, here and there. With Juice, I always felt like you learned a little about him, and then a little more about him, but this year, since there’s such a huge focus on the town and the guys and the club and the internal relationships with everybody, you’re going to get a ton about everybody, really fast.

KIM COATES: In the first season, around Episode 6 or 7, Ryan [Hurst] said to me, “[Kurt] Sutter has found Tig’s voice,” and I never forgot that. I’ve never done this before. I’d never done a regular role on a television series before. I’d done arcs, but not this. I really, truly did not know what to expect. So, when Ryan said that to me, I got what he meant. Kurt was really finding Tig’s voice in that first season, near the end. I think that must be a big challenge for a showrunner to find the voice for the 11 brilliant actors that we have on this show – and that’s just the regulars, let alone the guest stars and whatnot – without knowing us as actors, and then getting to know us a little bit. We’re really good actors. These guys are great actors. We want more. We want to be involved, all the time, and sometimes that’s tough. But, I think the trust level has to be there. In the end, this will someday come to an end with the story that Kurt ultimately wanted to tell.

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