Charlie Hunnam & Ron Perlman in 321 Frankie Go Boom


Awesome new movie staring sons of anarchy’s Charlie Hunnam & Ron Perlman.

Charlie Hunnam (Sons of Anarchy), Chris O’Dowd (Bridesmaids, Girls),
Lizzy Caplan (Party Down, Hot Tub Time Machine),
Whitney Cummings (Whitney), with Chris Noth (Sex and the City),
and Ron Perlman (Hellboy, City of Lost Children, Sons of Anarchy)


DIRECTED BY: Jordan Roberts
RELEASE DATE: October 12, 2012
RUN TIME/FORMAT: 88 minutes, Digital
RATING: Not rated. Contains strong language, nudity, sexual content



a flik by bruce about his little brother frank who’s a crybaby f-ck who shudnt do
lame-ass emberrissing sh-t if he doznt want people 2 see it on the internet.

Frank Bartlett has been tortured, embarrassed and humiliated by his brother
Bruce – usually on film – his entire life. Now that Bruce is finally off drugs
and has turned his life around, things should be different. They are not.
3,2,1…Frankie Go Boom is a raucous comedy about a boy (Hunnam), a girl
(Caplan), their sex tape (embarrassing), the boy’s brother who has put it
online (O’Dowd), the transgender hacker who may be able to pull it down
(Perlman, who looks fantastic in a dress), the psychotic (and armed) movie
star father of the girl (Noth), and his pet pig (who we don’t know the name


Check out the trailer HERE . Available from Itunes on 10th September and in Theaters on 12th October.


Official Links




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