Meet Jax & Opie At The 2013 Easyriders Bike Show Tour

Sons Of Anarchy Stars Rock The 2013 Easyriders Bike Show Tour
Charlie Hunnam “Jax”:  Anaheim, CA 1/5|Sacramento, CA 1/12|Columbus, OH 2/9
Ryan Hurst “Opie”:  Charlotte, NC 1/26 | Nashville, TN 2/2Signing Autographs, Taking Pics, Meeting Guests

Click flyer for more details.

14 thoughts on “Meet Jax & Opie At The 2013 Easyriders Bike Show Tour

  1. Ok, first of all I am head over heels for SOA….bravo Kurt. I really want to meet Charlie Hunnam, but who doesn’t. So when can they come to D/FW, TX. Soon I hope. Well Kurt you keep doing your thing and all the fans will be here.


  2. if or when will u guys b in wyoming or close to it causebid luv to meet my two fav cast member from my number 1 show


  3. I am in love with Sons Of Anarchy! By far the most amazing show on tv! Thank you Kurt Sutter for creating such an amazing series!!!! I never want the series to end! Tooo good 🙂 It would be amazing to meet the cast! I live in Canada! Please set up a meet and greet in Ontario! That would be the most amazing experience! ❤


  4. i love sons of anarchy i have every seasons out there i have watched them all and loved them all and yes i cryed when opie died it was the lot on jaxs face that got me i wolud love to meet them all


  5. I just met Chucky today at Harley Davidson in Nampa, Idaho, he rocks he seems just like another guy out there. I am glad the actors are not all stuck up and act better then the rest of us people. I hope the rest of the SOA crew come out here to visit our lovely state. SOA gives me a sense of it can be ok to be myself cause I am not going to put on a show.


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