Aah! -Cameron
Got it. I got it, got it. Jesus. Shit, shit, shit! Come here. Hold there. -Chibs
What the..? -Juice
What’s going on? -Tig
Got it, mate. We got one slug out. -Chibs
This is insane. -Gemma
What the hell are we gonna do? -Juice
Keep you finger in his ass. This is way beyond my wheelhouse. This is way beyond.. -Chibs
Aaah! -Cameron
Just stay, Gemma. Gemma where are you going? -Tig
Find Jax and Tara. -Gemma
No, no, no. You heard what Clay said. Family stays put. -Tig
You got two choices, Tigger. Tackle me or tag along. -Gemma
Now, look. I got nothing but adoration for you. Why are you giving me such a hard time for? -Tig
It’s my nature. I’m a giver. -Gemma
This is why I beat hookers. -Tig

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