You know you and me sat in the tow-truck a few months back and you told me how you wanted out, you wanted something better for your boys. That we were gonna make some bank and move on. -Clay

That changed when you murdered Piney and tried to kill me wife. -Jax 

This isn’t about me and my mistakes. It’s about you and the one that you’re about to make. The CIA/cartel thing has a shelf-life and by the time they split all legit shit that you’ve been putting to place will be in full swing. But for now you gotta keep Romeo in place. Make your bank, son. -Clay 


I’m sorry. You gotta let this cartel thing play out and then you can take the money and Tara and the boys and get out of Charming. If you don’t you’re gonna lose everything. -Clay 

I appreciate you looking out for me but I got a different plan. I’m tired of getting crushed under the weight of greedy men who believe in nothing. I have to change that. -Jax

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