Gemma, I did not come here to stir shit up. Abel’s my son. I gave up the right to raise him, but I did not give up the right to know him. -Wendy

Yeah. I get that. I kind of figured you’d resurface at some point. Or turn up dead. Honestly, I was hoping for the latter. -Gemma

I’m sorry to disappoint you. -Wendy

I’ll help you to get to know your son. But it’s by my rules, on my schedule. -Gemma

And what the hell is that supposed to mean? -Wendy

Tara is under psych observation. She didn’t take your visit very well. -Gemma

I’m sorry. I didn’t know. -Wendy

It’s a bad time. That’s all you need to know. -Gemma

When is it ever a good time? -Wendy

I’ll tell you when. Until then, no contact. Not with Jax or Tara. You understand me? -Gemma

If you try to box me out, Gemma, I swear to God I’ll get a lawyer and make this shit loud and messy. -Wendy

There’s that junkie whore I remember. -Gemma

If you thought I was dangerous loaded, wait till you see me sober, baby. -Wendy

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