I called Chicago Presbyterian today and they said they’d take me back. And I think it’s the best choice. -Tara
Don’t you get tired of it? Running? -Jax
I’m not running. I’m.. I’m just being realistic, Jax. -Tara
Call it whatever you want. Your life is a series of hit-and-runs. The minute someone makes you feel uncomfortable, tests your loyalty. Little Tara packs her bags and hits the road. I guess you got what you wanted from me, right? Used me to do your dirty work. -Jax
That’s not fair. -Tara
Not fair? You wanna know how many women I’ve slept with over the last 10 years? -Jax
Don’t do this… -Tara
Hundreds. Maybe more. I don’t know. I barely see their faces. I married Wendy because I was lonely. Because I got tired of the endless disconnect. It was just a sad timeout. Because when I’m inside someone, there’s only one face I see. -Jax

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