Hey. You want me to handle Pozo? -Jax

No. We’ve got two hours before we need to disappear. We follow the scripts. Could be days before Alvarez forks over the first 25 Gs. -Clay

All right. I’ll take care of Pozo. -Tig

All right. Well, you’re gonna need some help. Take Kozik. -Clay

That a joke? -Tig

What did you say? -Clay

Nothing. -Tig

All right. Just make sure it’s medical. Can’t have the shit blowing back while we’re trying to split. -Jax

Hey, Pop. -Opie

What? -Piney

Give me your end game. -Opie

I keep a few cyanide caps just in case I gotta go quick, you know. -Piney

Really? -Jax

Yeah. It’s the kind of thing you worry about after your balls fully drop. -Piney

*heh* Nice. -Jax

Mix it with water and glucose, it’ll slow down the kill. Make it look more like a heart attack or a seizure. -Happy

I’m so glad you’re on our side. -Clay

Yo. We can’t pin Oswald down. He won’t see us. He won’t return my calls. -Bobby

I know somebody he’ll speak to. -Clay

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