This jet lag’s kicking my ass. -Gemma
Brought you some coffee. Right. -Maureen
We should talk. -Gemma
Aye. -Maureen
I was, uh, holding on to this pathetic hope all the way here. Maybe you were wrong about Trinity. But one look… -Gemma
She’s got his eyes and his smile. -Maureen
Did he know? -Gemma
Yes. -Maureen
Jesus Christ. -Gemma
I was 18. I didn’t know what I was doing. Neither did he. Look, I have no delusions about you and I being friends. I just think a lot of hate right now is no good to anybody. The shit between us, it needs to stay buried. -Maureen
Seems no matter how deep I bury that shit someone always digs it up. -Gemma
The truth about John will only distract Jax. It’s not a good idea. Not now. -Maureen
Thanks for the coffee. -Gemma


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