Maureen said you have my son. -Jax
Well, I know where he is, yes. -Kellan Ashby
Where? -Jax
He’s safe. Far from Belfast. -Kellan Ashby
What the hell does that mean? Do you have Abel or not? -Jax
Your son was in danger. That threat is still present. -Kellan Ashby
Jimmy. -Jax
Aye. -Kellan Ashby
Why? He has no reason to hurt my kid. -Jax
Oh… He has many. What I’m about to tell you, Jackson… It’s a very volatile subject. The words I say… Only God can be a witness. You understand? Jimmy O’Phelan wants to end the Army’s relationship with the Sons of Anarchy. Wants to cut out the Belfast charter from any future work. Stop dealing guns in Charming. -Kellan Ashby
Running protection is SAMBEL’s main gig. It’s why my dad helped set up the charter. -Jax
Well, Jimmy wants to keep that income in his pocket. Wants to start selling your guns to the Russians up in Oregon for a greater profit. Everything Jimmy does is for profit. -Kellan Ashby
What does that have to do with my kid? -Jax
The Army council have come to a very difficult decision. Jimmy’s greed and arrogance has become a hindrance both internally and politically. You experienced a vivid example of that hatred tonight. -Kellan Ashby
You’re gonna get rid of him. -Jax
Well, Jimmy is enmeshed in so many things that define us. If word got out that we had killed one of our own leaders… There would be chaos. The Loyalists would have a field day. -Kellan Ashby
But if someone from the outside killed him… -Jax
Vengeance of a distraught father. Something every Irishman would understand. -Kellan Ashby
And Jimmy knew that if we came here you and me would be having this conversation. -Jax
He knows the line’s been drawn. That’s why he lied to you about the baby. Why he tried to get you deported. And now you’re here, why he wants that little one as leverage. He is a grave threat to both our families. You kill Jimmy O’Phelan and I promise I will make sure Abel goes home in the arms of his loving family. -Kellan Ashby

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