You wanna fix the damage you’ve done? -Jax
Yes. Of course I do. -Gemma
Then you need to prove to Tara that you can be trusted. -Jax
I’m cold turkey, Jax. No booze, no weed. I’m serious. -Gemma
It’s not that easy. -Jax
Then how? Just tell me. -Gemma
Clay was the one who put the Nomad’s in motion. The home invasions, the attack on me and Chibs, everything. -Jax
Oh, my God. -Gemma
I need proof. You’re gonna get it for me. -Jax
What are you talking about? -Gemma
He’d do anything for you. Let him in. Get his trust. -Jax
You want me to spy on him? -Gemma
I want you to be with him, sleep with him, make him feel like a king. The dirty secrets will start to flow just like they always did. -Jax
What if I can’t do that? -Gemma
Then get used to living in a brothel because hookers and bangers are gonna be your only family. -Jax

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