This is a closed party. -Ima
I’m looking for Jax. -Tara
Honey, he’s got all he can handle tonight. Don’t worry. -Ima
Yeah, I’m sure he does. -Tara
I said get out, bitch. -Ima
That’s right. You heard her. -Pornstar
Oh, dude. Check it out. -Man 
What part of that is so complicated? -Ima
Get out of my face. -Tara
Oh, shit. Jax
That’s right. You better run, you little skank. -Ima 
Tara. -Jax
I’ll be out in a minute. -Tara
Don’t let them get to you. -Jax
Do they get to you? -Tara
We talked about this. It’s business, they’re just emp… -Jax


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