Whoo! -Chibs
Look at this, cruising the neighborhood in a top-down. I thought you OGs like to roll in the bulletproof glass and shit? -Bobby
Hood’s got nothing but love for me, cracker man. -Leroy
Hey. Cough up some of that love, Laroy so we can get the hell out of this shit hole. -Chibs
You boys came a long way for some sad news. -Laroy
Man, I do not like the sound of that, Laroy. -Bobby
After what happened with that prison transport… ain’t no way I’m touching those AKs. -Laroy
What’s that bullshit? Gonna do real business together. -Chibs
Give me a break, Scotty. Only crew west of Detroit dealing real Russian AKs is SAMCRO. Guns I’m buying off of you killed a cop and two innocents. That firepower’s tainted with 30-to-life. -Laroy
Come on, man. We had a deal. -Bobby
There’s always another deal. -Laroy
That’s how you roll? Roll. -Chibs

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