Bunny, get in the back. It’s all right. Just go in the back. -Reggie
Never pegged you for an animal lover, Reg. -Clay
What do you want? -Reggie
Just wanna say hello, man. Missed you in SAMTAZ. -Jax
I’m out. Good standing. Ink’s all black. -Reggie
Why’d you walk away? -Bobby
None of your business. Now, get out of here. -Reggie
Come on, man. -Jax
Oh, shit. -Reggie
No, no, no, no! -Chibs
Weeks after Little Paul was killed, SAMTAZ passed a crank vote. That have anything to do with why you patched out? -Jax
Hey, Tig. You in the mood for some stew? -Clay
Yeah. Yeah. Mm. Hasenpfeffer, man. -Tig
All right. -Reggie

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