It’s a wedding, not a funeral. -Gemma
For a change. -Jax
Mhm. How’d it go with Tara? -Gemma
She said no. -Jax
What? Why? Jesus Christ. -Gemma
I’m kidding, she said yes. -Jax
You’re an asshole. -Gemma
We’re not gonna tell anyone though, okay? Don’t wanna step on Ope’s day. -Jax
I’m happy for you. It’s about time you settle down with someone real. -Gemma
Wendy was real, Mom. She was just lost. She gave Tara custody of Abel. She didn’t have to do that. -Jax
Yeah, she did. -Gemma
You didn’t have this. If you never met JT… what would your life look like? -Jax
I don’t know. I don’t live in fairytales. This is my life. Yours too. -Gemma

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