Wendy paid me a visit today. -Tara
What’d that bitch want? -Gemma
I love you, Gemma. I really do. You and me we’ve been down a long road. And I know you love Jax and the boys and they adore you.. -Tara
Where is this sad song going? -Gemma
You’re pissed off. Afraid I’m trying to push you out. That’s why you’re twisting up Wendy, trying to use her… to hurt me. Oh, save the bullshit indignation, she copped to it. -Tara
I forgot. You’re the smart one. My pretty little Frankenstein. -Gemma
That’s right. And here’s something else that might sound familiar. Don’t ever try to hurt me or my family again. -Tara
Or what, doctor? You gonna kill me? -Gemma
No. But my husband might. -Tara

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