Hey, hey, hey, easy. Easy, man. Easy. Just wanna talk to your mom. -Tig
It’s okay, boys. -Vivica
Appreciate you taking care of my crew. -Jax
They looked a little thirsty. And I don’t like white boys spying on me. -Vivica
Yeah. Well, we tracked down the crew that jacked our guns. Said they sold them to you. -Jax
What the hell is it with you guys? I don’t have your goddamn guns. -Vivica
Maybe your boys know something about it. -Opie
Yeah. How about it, boys? You taking on a little side biz Mama don’t know about? -Jax
You idiots! -Vivica
Jax! -Tig
No! Stop! Stop! -Vivica
Mama! -(boy)
Hey, hey! Get down! -Tig
Shit. Knock it off! -Vivica
Jesus Christ! -Jax
What the hell were you two cat-brained morons thinking? -Vivica
Sorry, Mom. It was supposed to be a surprise. We was gonna get you that F-350 Super Duty. -Luther
We know how much you love that truck. We even had a red one all picked out. -Vandross
My apologies. Give them their guns! All of them! -Vivica
Cops are gonna be here after that blast. -Opie
No, they won’t. For your troubles. Tell Happy I’ll send his Mom some tomatoes. Family meeting inside! Luther, Vandross! -Vivica
Come on, killer. -Jax
I said now! -Vivica
That one there, she makes Gemma look like Donna Reed. -Tig
I’m suddenly feeling a little less dysfunctional. -Jax

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