Hey. What’s going on with you? -Gemma
This Nero-guy. What the hell is it? -Unser
He’s a friend. -Gemma
I see. A friend. Am I a friend, Gemma? -Unser
Yeah. -Gemma
Same kind of friend? -Unser
Oh, christ. I can’t do this right now. -Gemma
When should we do this Gemma? Huh? Next time you kiss me? -Unser
Oh, I’m sorry Wayne. I love you sweetheart. But you gotta trust me. If we hooked up right now it would just ruin us. -Gemma
There ain’t no us, Gemma. And you got no friends. You just got people who do shit for you and then you throw the poor sucker a smile and a promise to keep them coming back. -Unser
All right. I get it. You’re pissed. -Gemma
It ain’t just me. Open your eyes, mother. Everybody knows who you are. Jax and Tara they ain’t never gonna let you do the to their family what you did to JT and your own boys. You better wrap your head around that fact ‘cause you’re gonna die alone, just like me. -Unser

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