I wanna say thank you for making the ride. Means a lot to me to have a full table. I’m certain you have questions and doubts, it’s what this meeting is for. I know every charter is independent, you run them as you want but I also know, the things we do in Redwood, especially here in the north-west impact your local relationships and affect the way you earn. 

Some of you knew my old man. Some just knew his legacy. It’s no secret that he was conflicted at the end. Questioned every decision he’d ever made… about the club, about his family. That fear, that doubt, it ruined him, made him vulnerable. I’m here to tell you that I’m not following that path. The choices that I make are not because I’m afraid or because I have any doubts about this club. 

I watched my best friend get his head caved in to protect what we have here. We’ve all watched brothers die in the service of this club. It’s two things you can do when that happens. You can run from the pain, bail or you can allow it to burn into your heart to leave its mark, a constant reminder of the love that brought us all here. 

Sons of Anarchy is at a crossroads. Our clubhouse blowing up last night that’s a sign of the times, the end result of a bloody relationship with the IRA. Be easy for me to sit here and blame our mistakes on my predecessor but that won’t solve shit. We don’d need blame. What we need boys is change. I want us out of guns. The RICO heat, the competition, the Irish blowback. It’s just not practical. 

Between lawyers and repairing the damage we barely earn a profit. I’m gonna move Redwood into more legitimate enterprises. Diosa it’s doing great. We’re earning real money. I’m gonna open another house in Stockton, we’re gonna reboot CaraCara, just found a warehouse down by the docks. So I guess it’s fair to say that SAMCRO’s future is in pussy not bullets. 

We struck a deal with the Irish, one that keeps the peace. But that transition means we all take a hit. Now, I know everyone here is at a taste of the gun business whether it’s in protection, storage or distribution. It’s gonna sting at first letting go of that cash. But if we don’t I’m telling you this club won’t have a future. We’ve had 20 members killed in the last two years. All of those deaths tied to the gun business. Outside of guns. How you earn is up to you but if you would like my charter will do  everything it can to help you move in a legitimate direction, a direction that keeps us out of jail, that keeps us whole and that keeps us alive.  -Jax Teller                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

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