I’ve only recently started watching SOA (I know, shame on me…) and I absolutely LOVE it. But I was wondering if anybody could help me out with the timeline on SOA? Like how much time has past since the beginning and the end of each season? And how much time has passed in between each season ? That would be so incredibly nice of you if you could answer ! Thanks :)

I’ve read most of it online. Mostly by Kurt Sutter (the writer). Between Season 1 & 2 I belive it’s a couple of weeks. Between Season 2 & 3 there’s only a few days. Between Season 3 & 4 there’s 14 months, Between Season 4 & 5 there’s 2 weeks. Between Season 5 & 6 there’s 2 weeks. 

From start to end of the season 1 it’s 3 months I believe. I don’t know the other seasons for sure..

If you join the group Sons-of-anarchy.net on Facebook I’m sure a lot of people can help you answer that. Thanks 🙂

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