Personal Info

Personal information:  Charles Matthew Hunnam aka Charlie Hunnam was born in Newcastle on 10th April 1980. Charlie is in a long term relationship with jewelry designer Morgana McNelis, who he wants to spend the next 60 years with. Charlie has 2 Mavis & George.

Personal interests:  Charlie likes Painting, Photography, Making Music, He also likes cooking & spending time with his friends. The whole Hollywood scene is not for charlie and he rarely leaves his house. He also loves hip hop music, He also makes hip hop music.He’s an Eminem fan & also likes Wu Tang Clan. Although Charlie played the role as a hooligan he has no interest in football he would rather spend 90 min watching a movie.

NICK NAME:   Angel – As in Charlie’s Angels. Charlie’s mum use to call him angel face.

SIBLINGS:   Three brothers, Youngest Oliver & Christian and oldest Billy

FONDEST MEMORY:   A cottage his grandma use to paint in. Every weekend for about four years charlie used to visit grandma’s cottage. She died when Charlie was seven.

LIKES:  Chocolate Milk, Snowballs, HP sauce, Toasted Teacakes and Birds Eye Potato Waffles. Pickled onion monster munch.