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Under Construction

Hello all Charlie Fans. We are in process of updating the site so things around here might be a little all over the place. We’ll have everything in order very soon. Thank you for patience. In mean time enjoy what you see and thank you for all your […]

Oscar surprises!

  Oscar surprises: James Franco, Tom Hanks passed over for Best Actor nominations.   Timing is everything. Just ask James Franco, whose recent Golden Globe win for his comedic performance in “The Disaster Artist” made him a front-runner for a Best Actor Oscar nomination. Thanks, perhaps in part, […]

The Dilbonary

Hey everyone! If you haven’t yet voted for my book, Dilby R. Dixon’s The Dilbonary, for the Readers Choice Award, please do so. The contest ends Dec. 10 and I’m neck and neck with another book! Just click on the link and scroll to page 12 and go […]

You’ve Got Mail Coming!

We are privileged here to have direct contact with Charlie. He kindly sends us autographs from time to time. This is that time. We have given lots away already (poor charlie he’s going to get writers crap haha). So feeling generous this month, we’ve been looking around social […]