Gaylein Meets Her Prince Charming

20111010-050533 AM.jpg
My husband had decided to surprise me by taking me to the Easyrider bike show at the LA Convention Center. I had known about it at least a month and that Charlie Hunnam aka Jax Teller was going to be there. We got the the LACC and went inside. I was very anxious because we were there after the 10 o’clock opening and I figured the line to see him would be CRAZY! We walk though and I took pictures of some bikes and then we found the line, I was shocked it wasn’t HUGE! I would say there were about 100 people in line at 11:30. I was so sure it would be out the door and around the Center. I got in line I was in the fourth row close to the stage. The Girls in line were a Kick in the ass, we all talked and joked to pass the time. Some exchanged Facebook pages and emails and showed each other what we all brought to have signed. There were some custom T-shirt that were really cute,LOTS of Charlie pictures and of course Official SOA gear LOTS of it. LOL

Charlie was scheduled to be there at 1:00 till 4:00 pm, as 12 rolled around the count down began someone would call out the time every 5 minutes or so. At about 10 till we all heard a lot of noise and I got a text from my husband saying Charlie just walked in. I re laid the message and then people started to see him through the crowd. The SCREAMING began ! He went to the side of the stage and the MC came up and introduced him the crowd went insane! Charlie came up and waved the took his seat at the table. We were told at this time that it was 5 dollars and autograph if you had your own stuff and 10 if you wanted to buy a picture, you could take as many pictures of Charlie as you wanted but he was NOT taking photos with fans. There was a VERY loud AAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWWW in the crowd, Then Charlie said some thing to the MC, he then announced to us Yes we could have a photo but it would cost 5 dollars too, Well the digging in the purses and pockets began all over again ! LOL

I waited in line for about 2 hours, but it moved really quickly. Especially with all the great people to talk to and visit with. At about quarter to 3 I reached the stairs which meant I was almost to Charlie. April the young girl in front of me turns and says “OH MY GOD I just got butterflies!” I told her I have them too. We both started laughing. We were called up it was April’s boyfriend,(sorry I am bad with names) April and me. April and her boyfriend talked to Charlie and he was so nice to them took their pictures with him and April got to kiss him. She was beyond giddy! They stepped away and I was up next. Charlie handler motioned me forward.
Gaylein~ Hi Charlie
Charlie~ Hi Darlin’ (melt) So what have you got for me to sign?
Gaylein~ My shirt here. I laid it out.
Charlie~ And your name sweetheart?
Gaylein~ Gaylein.
Charlie~Uh-OH your gonna have to help me with that one I don’t want to mess this up,Charlie chuckled!
I spelled my name for him and he said I like that it’s pretty.
Gaylein~ Thank you ! I am really looking forward to what Kurt has planned for next season.
Charlie~ Oh Yeah so am I.
Gaylein~ I really love the show all of you are great.
Charlie~ Thank you very much.
Gaylein~ No Thank you (Charlie Flashes that smile)Love the show I bet you all have a lot of fun.
Charlie~ Oh we do a lot. He laughs
Gaylein~ I laugh and say I get a picture too.
Charlie~ Well lets do this then.
He gets up and walks toward me and I realize Damn he is TALL!!!!! He comes up and says, “Where is your camera?” I point to my husband at the end of the stage and say “Right there is my old man”.
Charlie~ “Oh good man” and he smiles at Mark. I put my arm around him and he puts his arm around me, He smelled FABULOUS! and as I have my arm around him his back and sides are like steel. and I said OH MY GOD you are CUT, He laughs and says Thank you, I then said I can’t believe I am standing here with my arm around you. “I think my knees are gonna buckle!” He said “I’ll hold ya up”. I am surprised I didn’t hit that damn floor at that point.
Once the picture was taken he said “Thank you for coming and Thank you for watching”, I said You are welcome Have a great rest of the day and watch out for the “handsy” girls.
Charlie~ Laughs~ I will !

Then before I turned to leave I said “I have to ask can I get a kiss? He said YEAH and then Charlie looked out at my husband and gave him a chin up to see if it was OK. Mark said “Go ahead be my guest!” Charlie smiled and I kissed the scruffy Jax Teller cheek. This was when his handler walked in front of Mark and Charlie saw that and said do it again, So hell I did, I said Thank you again and he said “Your welcome.” I then walked off the platform, or floated I can’t remember, LOL

Charlie was a class act and I was very impressed with his over all appreciation for the fans. The only heart break for me was the Kiss picture was so blurred that you couldn’t tell what it was BUT the one of Charlie and I came out PERFECT! I can live with that though. It was a great day and so worth the wait in line I would do it again in a heart beat!

20111010-050727 AM.jpg

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