Thank you from Kurt! Let everyone know about Sept 8th!

Source: Kurt Sutter

So I’m gonna ask the readers of my blog to help spread the word. Sons of Anarchy season two, premiers in one week — Tuesday, September 8th, 10pm on FX. I know in this digital age of DVRs, streaming downloads and iTunes, destination television is a dying event. But that number next Tuesday is an important number for the network and studio. All that advertising, marketing and promotional material you have seen around your town and on your TVs is pointed at that one night. A high number serves them in terms of advertisers and overall perception of the show. I couldn’t have asked for a better campaign and marketing strategy. FX has done an amazing job. I’d love to see all that hard work pay off for them and the show.

My request is good old fashioned “word-of-mouth”. Tell your friends, family, co-workers about the SOA premier next Tuesday. Help me get bodies in front of the tube. And if you know someone with a Nielsen box, I’ll personally call them and invite them to watch. I’m not kidding, send me their number and I’ll call them. I feel confident that the first episode of the new season will not disappoint.

I want to thank you in advance for your loyalty and support. I am constantly blown away by the enthusiasm and devotion of the SOA fans. I’ve never seen anything like it.

I love this show and I love its fans. Thank you.sonstv


Ron Punches Charlies Tooth Out!!

Henry Rollins plays ‘knucklehead’

(UKPA) – 12 hours ago

Henry Rollins says he understood how to play a “knucklehead” white supremacist having dealt with them at his gigs over the years.

The former Black Flag singer joined the cast of biker drama Sons Of Anarchy on the red carpet to promote the show’s second series, in which he plays a rival gang leader, set to air in the States next month.

“Being an American who is very aware of race, I’ve been around those knuckleheads for many, many years,” Henry explained.

“In the music world they come to your shows, it’s awful. I’ve heard the rationale, I can’t support it but it’s interesting to hear it and wonder how insane these people are.”

He continued: “Now I get to play one of these people. It’s been an interesting summer to say the least.”

Henry confessed he was incredibly relieved to find his character doesn’t ride a motorbike unlike Ron Perlman and Charlie Hunnam’s characters.

“We’re not part of the biker crowd, thankfully, because… I find motorcycles quite terrifying. Perhaps I’m not alpha male enough, it’s just not my thing!”

Another terrifying thing on set, according to his co-stars, was Ron Perlman, who apparently punched Charlie Hunnam’s teeth out.

“Midway through the season [Ron] ended up knocking my tooth out, which is now a fake.

“Basically the whole tooth got knocked out so it can be a little dangerous working with him at times, but for the most part he’s a sweetheart,” Charlie laughed.

Source  Press Association