Charlie Hunnam launches his big-screen adventure (Video)



The great tragedy of Fawcett’s journey is that “he was exactly right,” says Hunnam, 37. “What he hadn’t anticipated was how quickly the jungle would reclaim its territory. And so he was literally walking around on top of the floor print of the city,” he was desperately seeking. Continue


Charlie Hunnam’s swordplay cost his brother a shot at young love


Charlie Hunnam ‘destroyed’ his brother’s life with a little childish swordplay when he was a kid.

The actor, who portrays King Arthur in director Guy Ritchie’s new movie, has always been fascinated by blades ever since he saw John Boorman’s film Excaliber as a child, but one battle recreation in his yard turned his brother against him.

“I grew up in the countryside and was always carving sticks into swords,” he tells WENN. “I had one particular that was my masterpiece that I whittled down from a very large piece of wood into my version of Excaliber. I’d spend all day trying to coerce my big brother into engaging me in combat! Successfully one day.

“I was the dorky little brother, so I finally wore him down and he said, ‘Alright, let’s go!’ And we went into the backyard and we were engaging in a pretty dynamic sword fight and then all of a sudden, much to my brother’s horror, we realised the next door neighbour – this girl he had a huge crush on for years – was watching us! Continue