Season 5 Episode 4 "Stolen Huffy"

Season 5 Episode 4 “Stolen Huffy”By:  Stress Kitten
It’s hard not to see the tie in from “previously on Son’s of Anarchy” where we get to watch the horrific demise of our beloved Opie only to have the scene cut to Jax driving by two young boys on bicycles, staring at the Son’s in awe. In that instant we suddenly remember that Jax hasn’t just lost a club member, he lost his best friend, and to a large degree, his conscience.
Gemma being bailed out of jail by Wendy is comical and as Wendy says, “You have to be really down on your list of friends if I am your emergency contact” but it’s obvious Gemma just didn’t want anyone else to find out that she got busted for prostitution. The dynamic between Gemma and Wendy is strange and it’s hard to keep up with Gemma and whose side she is on. At this point, I am not sure she even knows.
The first meeting at the table we see Jax acting as the President really for the first time. Regardless of other club member’s feelings or reservations regarding Pope and the deal that Jax has made with him, Jax stands firm on his decision to not rattle the cage and to play the game, as he called it “buying time”. It’s a smart move and the look on Clay’s face says he always saw this coming with Jax. Tig sticks by his prison promise by backing Jax 100% against Clay and Bobby’s comment regarding Pope is ominous. “We are like white smoke to this guy.” The Sons are used to being the big fish in the small pond of Charming and even in all their dealings with Russians, the IRA and the Cartel have they ever been as afraid of an enemy as they are Pope. It’s an important scene watching Jax not just take the gavel, but become a true leader.
From the very beginning one of the things I have LOVED about SOA is their casting choices, even some of the riskier ones, like David Hasselhoff, they always seem to pay off. I am not sure why there was so much hype about Ashley Tisdale being on SOA, her part was small and sort of insignificant and her acting wasn’t any better on SOA than it was on the Disney Channel. Maybe there is more to her story later on, but for me, it seemed like a lot of hype for nothing.This episode had its up and downs for me. I get why Jax is offering to help out Nero with him later propositioning him to get into business together, it just seems like too many storylines packed into one episode, especially one as important as Opie’s wake. The Wendy/Gemma/Tara saga is off putting and too soap opera-ish compared to what I usually expect from this show and the girl fight with Tara and Gemma and Nero’s second in command is almost ridiculous. Tara should be too smart to believe Gemma’s manipulations and yet we see her once again fall into the exact place Gemma wanted her. This time on top of Carla, beating the crap out of her.
The tribute to Opie is as heartbreaking as expected as we watch the club say good bye to one of its own. It’s obvious it has affected each Son deeply but differently, and it was interesting to note that we never see Clay pay homage to Opie. Whether it just wasn’t shown, or whether his guilt didn’t allow him to approach we don’t know, but the impact is the same. No matter how Clay plays this out in his head, he is the one ultimately to blame for Opie’s death, starting with putting a hit out on him that resulted in the death of his wife to shooting his father, Clay might as well have been in the box bashing Opie’s head in with that pipe himself. The end result is the same.
Jax’s face at the end really says a lot regarding his mind set after the death of Opie. It will be interesting to see Jax’s leadership strategy now that he has lost the person who consistently gave him reality checks.There is a lot to look forward to this season on SOA. We still don’t know who is behind the Nomads and their home invasions, and we don’t know why they were so interested in Clay’s personal documents in the safe. It will be interesting to find out whom they are working for and what’s in it for them. The whole Nero business proposition will definitely stir some things up, especially the stipulation that he stay away from Gemma. You know this won’t be the last we see of Carla after she got her ass handed to her. Wendy is not going to go away quietly regardless of what Jax and Tara desire. Add Pope into the mix and Jax’s plans now that he has lost Opie and you just know that this season will be one that you can’t miss one second. Tune in next Tuesday night on FX for the next Son’s of Anarchy episode.

Best line of the episode is when Nero is explaining how to find Emma Jean’s room at the motel where she is currently turning tricks.

Nero “She hangs little red hearts on her doorknob.”
Chibs “How romantic”


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