Season Five Episode Three “Laying Pipe”

Sons of Anarchy Season 5 Episode Three “Laying Pipe”
By Stress Kitten
We all know what happened during this episode so I am not going to do a normal review for this one.
The people who were so distraught by the death of Opie that they claimed they would never watch the show again. To that I say, are you for real? This is hands down one of the most brutal, dramatic television shows to EVER hit the small screen. The second season of this show opens with the family matriarch being gang-raped by skinheads and yet you are THAT shocked that Sutter would kill off a major player? You clearly have NO understanding of what this show is about.
I watched a “WTF Sutter” after this episode aired and heard what Mr. Sutter had to say about this turn of events. Even though he realizes that people identify and become attached to his characters, his responsibility is to the story he has created. This means beloved characters will be sacrificed. The character of Opie was not even intended to last past Season One, so if you look at it that way, he gave us three more seasons with the character. Opie, being in a lot of ways Jax’s conscience had to be sacrificed for the evolution of the character of Jax, about whom the whole show is about. So it sucks because not only has Opie had the shittiest 4 seasons EVER in the history of the world, but then we never get to see him have his happily ever after. Only, I don’t think many of these characters HAVE a happily ever after.
Let’s face it, Ryan Hurst is an amazing talent and has done the character justice but he was NEVER better as Opie than he was in this episode. The death scene for Opie where you watch every emotion cross that man’s face before he is killed?That is the sort of scene every actor worth their ass wishes for, and Ryan killed it. And then they killed Opie.I think every creator/writer/director of a television series is looking for the viewers to fall in love with characters, identify with them, and make them one of their own. It brings people back week after week. However, in a show like SOA where if there isn’t someone dying every 5 minutes on the show some bastard murders a penguin in Antarctica, you really shouldn’t be that shocked to see this sort of thing happening. Kurt Sutter has created a dark reality for these people and so far no one has escaped unscathed.
I love Son’s of Anarchy BECAUSE it is so violent, BECAUSE it is so DIRTY, BECAUSE it is so raw sometimes I need a shot after watching an episode. Sure, I would LOVE to see characters I care about find their happy ending, but this isn’t the show I expect it from. Kurt Sutter has done a damn good job at making us care about these guys and he will do just as good breaking our hearts over them. So be ready and instead of threatening to stop watching the show, get a grip on reality. It’s TV and Kurt Sutter may be a lot of things, but he isn’t a people pleaser. This story is all in his head, we are just lucky he lets us take a peek now and then. Deal with it.
Tune in every Tuesday on FX to watch Sons of Anarchy!!!

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